Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Of plans gone wrong, the 24 loop and sundry others

Yeah, another fancy title for a post that'll be about nothing in particular ...

Plans gone wrong: Just found out that my flatmate would like to live on her own after we move out of this house. Not like its shocking news, it had come up earlier and i did kinda see it coming the last few weeks. Now last yr, about october, i thought i had life figured out, all moves, all directions, and most goals. So house moving was last on my list of priorities. I had that infamous thing they call plans!!! Then i found that infamous thing they call "the best laid plans go terribly wrong sometimes"! :-) And im back to square one .. in so many many ways!!! So net, if u know any young women looking for a clean, tidy, responsible flatmate, you know who to call!

The 24 loop: We all have these songs, we hear them the 1st time and we hear them over and over again. The soft hearted ones have more such songs, the stronger ones have fewer, but we all do. After o saathi re, its been a while since a song really caught my fancy, until yesterday that is! Laaree Chooti is a song from this movie called Ek Chalees ki Local, a song about bombay (argh, none except those born here would understand the anguish and the joy that is bombay!) has been playing on my ipod, and on the comp when the ipod is switched off. Lovvvve the song!! Im trying not to sing along coz the voice is a busted and Saturday has to see me reading to kids at the lib and then impressing my very suspicious singing teacher with my stronghold over sa re ga ma .. (yeah im still there! havent moved in 2 weeks!) so i might as well take super good care of the voice! Until then, u cud sing along ...

"kismat ka khel hai saara
phirta tha main aawaara
yeh kya se kya ho gaya
chaar din ki zindagaani
har pal ek nayi kahaani
kya tha, main kya bana gaya
kya huva jo laaree chhooti
jivan ki gaadi looti
khwaab hai toh mujhko na jaga
zindagi ek pal mein saali
yuun palat gayi hamaari
jhoot hai toh mujhko na bata..."

Looouuing it !!!

And finally,
New places to go, new things to see and explore...

Celebrated 2 years at P&G on the 2nd of May with some awesome news, finally i take on a band 2 role (yes its a subtle way of saying i got promoted!) and with it move to a business very different from my first love, Olay.

Ariel will pose new challenges, a new team to get to know, a new boss, and category dynamics that are radically unlike those on Olay! I'm so looking forward to the experience and thanking my stars now, that i had the bosses i did, the team i did, and that everyone was wonderful and supportive and that the job posed the complexities that it did. Im learning to appreciate stretching the mind beyond its limits and this is the ideal experience to stretch it even further ! :D India ... look out! Here i come!


Anonymous said...

yeah just heard it....great song...thanks.....and congrats on the promotion

unpredictable said...

Anon: Glad u liked the song. Thanks for the wishes.

Leila said...

Hey Sudha, sorry our call got cut off... phone died and I wasn't at home. =) Congratulations again!! (and your profile really doesn't have your name... =P ... so you did keep me guessing!!!!)... I put in 4 exclamation marks in memory of our conversation ;-)

unpredictable said...

Lei!! Thanks a ton for calling, id have called back except ur number flashed as 'no number' and there was no way to find u again :(

I owe u more than i can say for being able to do whatever i did on Olay, thanks again :) Have a gr8 wedding :)

dushyanth said...

idiot. that's the song i wanted to send u n u asked me not to!

unpredictable said...

Dush: Idiot u!! U shudve sent it anyway. Im mad, is tht the case with u? Eh???

Sharmili said...

hmmm.... awesome song... my ringtone currently...
u know that u can also get these on ur new cell rite or wud i have to rescue my technically challenged damsel in distress???

unpredictable said...

Rescue awaited ma'am shams!!! Ill wait for u for most things here to take off, if thats ok with u :)