Thursday, June 18, 2009

About a boy...

This is, indeed, continued from the post before last.


Reason I brought up the whole limited disclosure thing was to be able to gently slide in the presence of the *boy* into this blog.

I've kept him hidden from public view for long enough now, and we're getting to a point where not talking about matters involving him just makes it tough to write anything here. I don't mean to sound like we're joined at the hip. (Far from it, actually. We don't even live in the same city yet.)

But like so much of what happens around me everyday involves the Penguin (and see how she gets mentioned here ever so often?), a lot of what happens in my life also involves the boy. And as fiercely protective as I have been of the privacy of our relationship so far, it's now come to a point where the privacy binds my hands and keeps me from telling stories I'd otherwise have enjoyed telling. The blog suffers as a consequence. And that's just not fair.

So there. There is a boy; there has been for about a year now. And we shall henceforth refer to him as P - not to be confused with the Penguin. And stories shall be told henceforth with no fear of some unseen force avenging me for my happiness (coz insane happiness is what has accompanied the arrival of P)

{And I hereby promise that this is the extent of mush you'll hear from me on the topic.}

How I met P is a story I love to tell because it reinforces my most basic belief that everything happens for a good reason. Since telling the story in it's full form would involve violating the privacy of people other than P and I, I won't quite go there right here right now. Let me just say that it comprised a chain of events that at each point felt like it was the most painful thing to happen, but led to a subsequent and unexpected reward in its wake. (How's that for vague!)

As of today, P and I live on different sides of the world. Our relationship has leveraged technology in the most creative ways imaginable to avoid impoverishing either of us (so far, anyway). No one else has wished for a Harry Potterish floo network / portkey system of transportation (you know the kind where you vaporize out of one place only to appear instantly at your destination vs. sitting through a 24 hour flight?) as much as I have.

P and I have spent the last 1 year trying to plan when and how to end up in the same city (even country). Every individual purchase decision has been accompanied by 2nd thoughts on the lines of "is this too heavy to move if I move to be with her/him?". Changes in the economy have had implications on our life far beyond anything we imagined. It has put into question the very possibility of keeping both our jobs while being in the same city.

Funny thing is, while the visual in your head is of me pulling out my hair, I'm actually smiling as I write all this coz I'm realizing we've made it alive through a lot of crap like this and haven't lost the ability to laugh at ourselves and things around us :)

Closure on our situation is probably a month, maybe more, in the coming. Living together is probably 3-5 months away. Until then, we've made our peace with the uncertainty and given it it's place in our lives. After all, as a wise friend once told me, stability is not an end state. It's simply a moving target.

Net - If there's anything I've learned in this relationship, it's probably that you can't let anticipation of the destination ruin the journey for you. And I am determined to savor every bit of this journey, while it lasts :-)


The Penguin and I are leaving for a weekend trip to Malaysia tomorrow, which is why I figured I'd write this now. We're staying in this rainforest place and plan to pack in a trek, some dolphin sighting and a boat ride through a croc infested swamp in the dark. The last is not as dangerous as it sounds i'm sure, but if I don't come back, you know which animal to blame.

Be good and rest well (while we paint Malaysia red). And don't tell my mother about the crocodiles.


Penguin said...

Chi. No masala only. Chi.

unpredictable said...

Dear Penguin: Much masala is coming our way with the croc swamp thing, you don't think?

Nothings aplenty said...


unpredictable said...

Nothings aplenty: Ah yes. :) indeed.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with Pengoo. Where are the kaara saaramana details? Put some gilu gilupps in the blog I say!

TW said...

ponne ! Very happy for you!! :)))) All the very best! i know the pains of long distance rlnships.. but its worth it! :)) and the cosmos somehow comes in to help at the right time viz the location et all !

see, now everyone is soo happy for you and not kannu-vechufying :)

unpredictable said...

Anon: Shettep. You and that woman, never satisfied you two. Bah!

TW: Thanks! :) Wishes are muchly appreciated!

And I know I know you.. but you identity evades me now .. who tis this?

TW said...

keep thnking :)))