Monday, June 29, 2009

A birthday story

Alas but hurrah - to the fact that I finish 28 years on the planet today. I know I should be sad that I'm turning older, but the thing is, each time I look back in time, I realize this is the best that life has ever been, and so there's really no need to turn the clock back, or relive a certain age. Nothing beats being where I am now! :D

Now I'd hoped that this birthday would gently pass me by and not get on anyone's radar, but the Penguin, determined young woman that she is, would not let that happen. And so a sepprise bday party was arranged by her.

On Friday evening, young V asked me to do dinner with him and his girl D on Sunday night. Since I'm naturally gifted with Sherlock like sharp instincts (and also because V, D and I don't EVER plan meals more than 2 hours in advance), I instantly knew something was up.

To cut a long story short, after I almost cancelled my own surprise party (You can call me a bitch now if you like. I can understand), the Penguin finally confronted me and told me to shut up and turn up coz people had been invited and the cake had been baked.

And I'm so glad she did! :-)

The 1st thing I noticed as I walked in was the usual suspects seated on the floor. AND a laptop propped up on the couch looking over, what was undoubtedly going to be the table on which the cake would be cut.

Strange, I thought to myself. Until I saw what was on the screen and almost fell down from the sheer ingenuity of it all (or from my own clumsiness at tripping on the foot of the table. We don't have to conclude which one, right now)!

On the screen was a webcam image of P projecting himself from his living room about 20000 miles away. Proud grin on face to boot! Suddenly the significance of what had originally sounded like a rather late party (9 pm in Singapore = 9 am on the east coast, USA, where P lives) dawned upon me.

As the Penguin brought out cake that she'd baked herself (deep dark chocolate. Sinful, but oh so good, like most things in life :D) and started to precisely count out candles to stick on it, I felt supremely ashamed of how idiotic I had been to almost ditch this event. Not to mention incredibly lucky to have someone love me enough to plan out such an elaborate event involving all the people I love - even if 1 of them lives in a different continent.

We spent the next 1.5 hours doing what we do best - making nonsensical conversation, stuffing our faces with cake and alcohol and making fun of the birthday girl (Ahem - ME). And even after P signed off and got on with his Sunday, the others stayed on and got drunker and drunker.

At some point, we realized that the wine had almost run out, and the Penguin brought out a bottle of Moet Chandon that she'd been saving for a special occasion (Smug grin on face - check) and we proceeded to get more happy as BlueBagel played incredible AR Rahman music. The finishing touch to the evening was the Penguin's rendition of happy birthday on her violin.

Sigh. Watta budday!

So far, today has been wonderful, and I'm now going to get home and cook everyone from last evening a nice meal of risotto and paella.

But for everyone who made it to last evening and esp. to the Penguin who made it all happen - THANKS! You're the best. :D


L said...
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nothings aplenty said...

happy budday! and many many happy returns of the day. :)

Mogambo said...

Pengu! My happy birthday also coming up ya. I also like chocolate cake. That's all I will say. Lekky bemmu Pizza.

unpredictable said...

L = ?? But thanks :) And she doesn't like being called that, so I will be deleting your comment in the interest of privacy alas :(

Nothings: Thanks :DD

Mogmabo: Lekky Bemmu you will also be if you settle somewhere close to where I live. But since we don't know where that will be, for now, I shall promise to plan a super nice bday for you very soonly. Not just sooperman can do, you know?

Mogambo said...

Nomadification is an occur. Whattudu. BTW, Soop and I finally opened that bottle of rosé. Excellent is came. Tell Pengs.

Penguin said...

Whoa Mogambo! High time you opened that bottle man. And much as I would like to make cake for your birthday, it might slightly spoil before it reaches you :-( Perhaps I can bring some in September when I will see you?

Bj said... google account assumes my initial to be my name..:)..corrected now..and i need to talk to your friend about this name else do i call her!!!

Penguin said...

Bj - you call her by the name that shows up on this comment. Penguin. :-) Now change that first comment!

unpredictable said...

L: Oho I assumed it was you coz few ppls call her that.

Mogambika, Penguin: Oh yes I'm liking idea of September cake making/ eating/ pigging.

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes..

After the 25 days break it is an avalanche of posts now. Keep up the good work!!

It is nice to read them. :)

Mogambo said...

Sorry to say. It will be enjoy time for me and Pengu. NOT you. You can look at us and feel like an epic fail.
Pengu, I have plans for the September okva? BTW, I was saving the bottle for a good time ya. That good time was a came.

Quirky Quill said...

Hey Belated Happy Birthday!
I hope the spoilsport in you learnt a lesson- even if you guess the surprise, play along :)only wonderful ppl have the ability to organize surprise bday parties!!

CM-Chap said...

Hey I guess you had a fabulous one... Belated Happy Birthday. Keep rocking....

Well I every year turn 18... Neither more nor less ;)

We are not calling you BITCH... Anyways u hvnt canceled na ;)

May all your dreams come tru this year and ever

Parul said...

Happy belated! Have a fabulous year ahead. But of course you will :)

unpredictable said...

Mespace here: Thanks :)

Mogambo: I don't ever fail. YOU FAIL. Also temme good news over phone? Is it what I think it is? IS IT???? :D

QQ: Very right. I'll keep it in mind :)

CM Chap: Thanks sir.

Parul: Thanks :D I hope it does turn out to be all I'm assuming it will :)

Anonymous said...

Drama Rani. As I put essplanation over phone, it is what it is. Not wht you thought it was.
Yer-go, you FAIL.