Thursday, April 24, 2008

Teacher teacher, I have a koshtin! Ok, not just A koshtin ...

1. Why can happiness or sadness not come in the manner of a phased sine wave to me and the people I love most?

Why is it that when they're in the midst of a wondrously happy phase in life, they have to deal with my abject sadness, and when I'm going through delirious joy, they've outgrown their happy phase?

I'd like to, for once, not weigh down another person's joys with my grievances in their happy times OR refrain from expressing my own crazy happiness for fear of being insensitive cause they're going through shit in life during my happy phase.

2. Why am I constantly hungry these days?

(No Nayak, it's not what you're about to say! *That*
isn't possible given my current life situation. Bah!)

No really. It's not funny when you hear what I have eaten only since this morning:

1 Banana
1 tomato and cheese sandwich
2 cups of tea
1 cup of dal fry + rice
1 muesli bar
1 apple
1 more muesli bar...

...and I'm now looking forward to my next meal which will be a 1/2 vodka pasta + 1/2 veggie lasagna + 1 glass of wine (Yes, I meticulously plan the dinner menu even before I step into the restaurant that Penguin will treat me at, you have a problem with that?)

all this in less than 18 hours from sunrise to sunset. Somebody STOP ME!!!

3. What is with the sweeping generalization on Long Distance Relationships (henceforth referred to as LDRs out of pity for my ailing hand) and how they must be avoided cause they're a bad idea?

I get that there are SOME people who cannot deal with distance, who need the other person to be around them from the start to the end of a relationship, some others who cannot express themselves from a distance resulting in a communication breakdown (no really, what else exists when you can't talk?), others who cannot bridge contexts between them and another person coz their context is too strongly rooted in a location, not in their equation with another person, others who value the physical factor in the equation too much to be able to survive without it and so on. I understand that there are some people who are fundamentally ILL CONSTRUCTED to deal with LDRs. I get it.

But that's the same as any other thing in this world no? There are people who can do long hours, others who can't. Those who are 'morning people', others who do nights better. We deal with grief differently, we manage our finances differently... we're all geared to do different things differently. Some better and some worse than others.

The same logic applies to LDRs no? Then why ask EVERYONE to shy away from them? Why make them the basis of NOT establishing relationships with amazing people and taking incredible equations to fruition? BAH.

4. Why do too many of us not wonder about what we really want to do with life?

It's never about time. There's ALWAYS enough and more time to think about this. There's just this laziness that lets you inertly rest on a couch and watch meaningless television, or drift into random meandering thoughts, but keeps you from thinking about and acting upon what would really bring you the satisfaction that'll have you wake up with a smile every morning and sleep with satisfaction every night.


5. How in this day and age can we still talk in terms of "He's a Brahmin", "She's not"? "He's a marrying lower than his class" and blegh like that?

Really, how does education and evolution do nothing to cleanse our minds of petty distinctions such as caste and sect?

I still hear stories of parents creating a fuss about letting their kids marry beyond their caste/ language/ religion/ social class and blah.


You'd rank your offspring's happiness and incredible (which is rare to boot!) equation with another person, LOWER than your own petty beliefs? If they're making what you deem a mistake, that's really their call to make no? And just as likely across caste and language as it is within. Then how can you possibly ask them to give it up?


Ok, I have a terrible ache in the shoulder, back and the general neck region (I think the worst is when you can't even pin point where the pain is located!) so I think I'll head out to that nice free dinner the Penguin has planned to treat me to. *Smacks lips in anticipation*



Penguin said...

If you DARE refrain from expressing to me no, I'll hunt you down and smack your sorry ass! :-)

Shoonyata said...

while all these Qs are relevant, pliss to take care on the hand/shoulder/ one/absolutely no one can fight the health battle for you. do what it takes. now.

Krishna said...

Usually when the things 'teacher' and 'questions' are together I tend to run away, but once in a while, I just can't resist my temptation to test the degree of validity/invalidity of my answers.

1.Maybe your loved ones are in an unmatching zone (climatic/time/work etc), kidding.
2. You perhaps haven't noticed that you're still growing.
3.No clue.
4.The wicked & virtuous complacency

"How in this day and age"
Inevitable question, to Indians of certain demographic (I am one). My answer is, perhaps, it's because people like me are lazy, how? I asked myself the question, how many times in life until now I lucked out, it was interesting to think over it, I realized I am very lucky, rite? God could have thrown me somewhere in the horn of africa; even in India it is more likely I would have been born to parents who are less fortunate, economically or on various other metrics; even in being born into such a family, the timing could have been worse (I was born in 1981, If I were born just a few years earlier, I wouldn't have gotten onto this IT bandwagon, where the probability of a slothful like me enjoying significant economic mobility or going through wonderful exposure to various lines of thought is pretty high, relatively speaking). The probability, you know, would perhaps be way south of 0.1. Not only am I born in the age of development but also am enjoying the fruits. Only lately I realised this gift comes unfortunately :-( at a huge price, damn generation gap! (at least for those like me whose elders by virtue of their generation take time to see the social change unfolding currently in the society, and naturally like me and many of my generation are sticking to the conventional wisdom of their time). Man! bridging this generation gap takes significant effort. The gap brings strong disagreements, yet both the sides (generations) are correct, ironic, but happens when they are in two differnt worlds. But, that, only one side (the 'younger' :-) ) realizes the existence of rather two worlds, are the younger now in the caretaker side of the table, holding the responsibility of utilizing their superior knowledge of (today's) world into which the elders have unconsciously arrived. Oh god!!! you want us to go through (at least partly) the experience they earlier happily went through, having to do the education, convincing..., when the youngers arrived into this (physical) world. There is a difference though, for those elderls the ride was with the wind and the youngers, against the wind :-(

Had I not had the fruits of the development, I wouldn't be having this pain of bridging that damn gap. But the question would be 'If 10 years back, someone said, hey! here's the deal', how happy would I be to take it?

shiv said...

:) i know what you mean with that entire ldr thing... but im all for ldrs - it works.. and in a weird way.. a ldr teaches you so many many things that a normal relationship doesnt.. of course the physical closeness is awesome.. nett, ldrs are not that bad :)

unpredictable said...

Penguin: Say no to violence. And caffeine, while we're at it!

Shoonyata: Yes. I will. I am. Thanks :)

Krishna: :) That brought out some very vehement thoughts, didn't it? Thanks for visiting :)

Shiv: Yes!! I so know what you mean!!! :D Which is why i find it irritating that people hold the distance responsible for screwing up things.