Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Life's been busy and full of surprises, and deadlines. (Dear blog, I'm sorry I ignored you for so long, how will you ever forgive me?)

Things seem to be easing out somewhat, though, and hopefully I'll finally sort out this hand thing by seeing the physio this weekend. I've put it off for over a month now, despite all my claims to being disciplined and organized recently. Sigh. I need the fearful threats of Penguin to make me do this sooner than later. This is why I have friends. To twist my ear and stop me from messing up my life.

Now you know.

Anyway, fun things have been happening in life. So updates follow.

The play's coming along beautifully. We recently did full runs of each short story, and it looked much better than I'd ever expected! :) One of the actors kinda dropped out and guess who steps in to do her part? Yours truly!!! :D Now, it's a pure voice led role (meaning no one gets to see my pretty face, alas (but hurrah, some might say?)) so the limelight hogging won't be all that literal, but hello, the lucky audience gets to hear my sexy (ahem, stop coughing, it's impolite!) voice. So all's good!

The West Coast trip is now looking better than ever. For starters, the wonderful Penguin has decided to accompany me on this 2 week getaway! :) I get to have her delightful company on all flights and her abilities to find discount stores in every nook and corner (She's discovered this one place in NJ which has ALL big brands under one roof. I mean, I seriously and genuinely LOVE this woman!!!).

Also, I get to spend my birthday eve with some of my favorite people in the world in a city I absolutely love - New York!!! :D I desisted writing about this one for a while cause I was so scared I'd jinx it horribly. But now that ALL tickets are booked and only Penguin's Visa remains to be acquired, it is indeed OK to put it out there. (Evil eyed people, if any, pls pls don't jinx this? This trip means a hell of a lot to me. Ktnxvermuch!)

Cooking's been fun as well. Now that the flatmate's vanished for some time at length, the kitchen's all mine to cook in and keep clean. I've been eating in more than ever before, and my new found enthusiasm to pick up interesting groceries is good news for my tummy (and others', when they're invited over to partake of the awesome meals :D), but is seeming like terrible news for my hand which basically wants to cringe and fall off every time I put it through the rigmarole of chopping and cooking.

Blogging (my pride and joy, in case you didn't know already) becomes a pain (literally so) on the evenings that I choose to cook, and I consequently cannot type chat or even leave comments on people's blogs (My reader shows 6 new posts on various blogs today, and i managed to comment on all of 2. GAH!!!). So well, despite taking my meds almost regularly and wearing that funny neck collar when typing from the pathetic work table at home, the hand seems to be doing no better. Sigh. Maybe the coming 2.5 months of no travel and no lugging around heavy baggage (ah dhang u?) will do me some good. :-)

And finally, I'll leave you with the star achievement of this evening, my 1st time ever making Dal Fry inspired by a dear friend (You piss me off, and I give you credit on my blog. Stippid you and stippider me wonly!). See and crave. (No? Ok!)

And now cause my best friend, the allergy induced cold is sitting inside my nose, giving me a massive headache and putting me to sleep, I shall. Sleep, that is.

Night, everyone!


Penguin said...

Who is the dear friend inspiring you ya? WHO I say?
And sigg, even more pressure by giving me impossible reminding tasks - Che! Credit card itself was hard enough to remember, now physio also. Sigg, what can be said except I'll do it? :-)

unpredictable said...

Dear louly Penguin: Credit card has not been achieved yet. Physio pressure is cameing from many directions. I shall bypass comment on dear inspiring frand. Ktnx!

Penguin said...

Your evasiveness at answering koshtin on dear inspiring frand is giving me suspishan. I am not liking this behaviour. Tell me now ya, who that bleddy cheat is who you're two-timing me with! TELLLL MAN!

insomniac said...

That dal fry looks yummy! And enjoy New York-- I love that place too, esp. Broadway and the breakfast :)

unpredictable said...

Insomniac: :) I finally figured out who you are!!! :) Thanks :D