Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday mornings ...

There's something incredible about Sunday mornings. Peace inducing and reassuring.

Normally they're awesome cause I have the chance to cook up a nice breakfast unlike the usual hurried bread/ cereal that I gobble down on weekdays. And good hot tea. And at a reasonable hour like 9 am, the wonderful Penguin will sms to check if I'm awake and then proceed to call me.

The awesome thing is, even if we've spent Saturday evening together, there's enough and more to talk about (it's such a special thing this ability to converse without pause even after knowing someone for months and months!) always! And so the 1st 1 hour of the morning is spent in chatter, until a parent calls from India to remind us we have families and hello, can we speak with them every once in a while?

The rest of the day in the last few months has passed in drama practice, which is kinda fun in its own way, except for having to travel halfway across town. And evenings are gloriously spent indoors, online or reading or meeting up with a friend. All in preparation for the week ahead.

I remember waking up this morning, for e.g., and after pondering on how I'd woken up on my own unlike usually with an alarm of sorts, I suddenly had this fit of panic wondering what day it was. The joy at having dismissed the possibility of weekdays, and realizing it was a Sunday is immeasurable and somewhat indescribable!!!

And a glorious Sunday at that!

Brunch plans at Marmalade Pantry with my favorite women in this city and then 5 hours of play practice (some work, but let's not go there, shall we?) followed by simple dinner at home and sound sleep before the week ahead. :-) Worth looking forward to no?

Yes, I know Saturday mornings are better. I know even Saturday nights are better. But I'm turning into an optimist against my own will, and I don't need you getting me to revert to cynic mode. So all you cynics, SHOO!

The rest, say it with me - Sunday mornings rock!!! :D


insomniac said...

I feel the same way about Sunday mornings--peaceful, relaxing. Yes, Saturdays are fun, but somehow I always tend to cram it with activities-- to-do lists, meet people, party, etc. Unlike Sundays when I wake up and feel the delight of not having anything to do.

So I say it with you-- Sunday mornings rock!

unpredictable said...

Insomniac: yay!! :) Well hello, you seem to be from my company, and living in the same city, so if you know who I am, drop in a hi on communicator! :)