Sunday, June 03, 2012

Weekend of 2nd June, 2012

P left for some work related travel on Saturday morning, and won't be back until next Sunday evening. We had known for about 2 weeks that he'd be gone, and I kept wondering what it would be like. Note that this is the 1st time since we moved in together that P is out of town and I'm home alone (usually, I'm the one traveling for work leaving him behind to manage home, hearth and loneliness :D).

Well, one thing I was quite clear about was that I'd make the mostest of my time alone. This isn't to say that I don't do single person activities when P is here. But this is different, you know?

I plan to make this week ultra special and document as much as I can to remember it by.

Saturday was spent seeing P off, having the house cleaned and vacuumed by a professional cleaning service, a homemade brunch of scrambled eggs and chai with vv (who is also pseudo single ever since his wife left for INSEAD), fantastic south Indian lunch at Ravi and aruna's (that sambar kicked ass!), walking around plaza sing with the penguin, crepes for dinner and a lovely night in with Andrea and the penguin (wine and good music played a big role).

Sunday started blissfully late. The morning was spent on phone calls with friends and family (with the exception of my brother who for some reason has no more interest in speaking with me), lunch was brilliant homemade burgers with mango relish at the penguin's, followed by a nap and an evening watching zindagi na milegi dobara for the 4th time (we just wanted the Mexican amidst us to watch a nice Hindi movie set in Spain). Finally, I decided to say my thanks and wish for good luck at the tank road temple and came home to a quick and easy dinner of broccoli and Parmesan soup with olive bread.

It's almost childish to document every minute of the weekend, but I hate it more when someone asks me on a Monday what I did over the weekend and my response is a stupid sounding "I recall it was awesome, I just don't recall exactly what I did". So, stupid as this may be, I have to do this to ensure I don't forget what a brilliant start I've had to the coming week.

For anyone in Singapore who has me on reader, note that I'm basically up for something fun every single day of this week, so feel free to call and make plans. If I don't make plans with others, I'll be cooking new things, running and watching movies by myself, so one way or another, this will be an amazing week :-)


Magical Homes said...

attagirl! i've come to realize too that making the most of the time one is alone is better than moping around.

unpredictable said...

:-) indeed!

Sneha said...

You seem so much like me ... only difference is am not married but in a steady relationship ! :-)