Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Longish day at work. Hand is starting to hurt with the ergonomics of the new floor. Thankfully typing from the iPad doesn't hurt as much as typing from a laptop.

R left for Scandinavia on holiday this evening. She's such a jolly kid that the floor is quieter without her. Alas, you know what you have only when it's gone. :-)

I had an evening meeting with someone that went much better than expected. When two people are thinking practically, the chances of them agreeing go up exponentially, no?

Today was the day I decide to put my weekend grocery shopping to good use, finally. Fennel, brussel sprouts, organic red cabbage and such others. Ravi and Aruna brought some authentic pasta they bought in Italy for me to cook as well. The penguin helped me come up with a cool menu given these various ingredients and my need for protein and fibre in dinner.

So here's what i finally made - warm cabbage salad with red peppers, brussel sprouts, chick peas, sweet corn and feta + balsamic + walnuts for garnish/ dressing. And a fennel,onion and broccoli cream sauce with lots of dried herbs to hold the pasta. I have to say the salad was fantastic while the pasta was strictly ok. But with good friends, come good stories and the pasta sometimes ceases to be the focal point of the evening.

All is well with the world, and I'm about to fall into bed. Perhaps the lack of exercise in the past few days will give me a teeny paunch at the end of this. Perhaps P will come home to an XL sized version of his wife (and not notice as usual). Perhaps telling the story of how I met P twice in a week means some significant shift in the paradigm of the universe as we know it. But all I can now think of is how sleepy I am.

Good night world.

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Sneha said...

Hey, just stumbled upon your blog. Interesting stuff, must say!