Monday, June 04, 2012

Of good Mondays

I gave myself the lovely Monday I promised I would. Work was relatively light despite 2 people on my team being out.

The intern is done with his term here and heads back tomorrow so there's one less thing for me to worry about after tomorrow. I'm not saying interns are a burden, but really, they are.

My brother still refuses to take calls. Sometimes I wonder who the corporate slave with a busy life is, me or him. Then I have to remind myself. It IS him. Bwahaha.

I spent almost 2 hours with 2 people that I could well have become. App developers that I'm working with for some database we want to create to record intern details for future analysis. I hope they didn't feel like I was trying too hard to be all tech savvy, because really, it would be a shame if they saw through my lame attempts to be the geek I no longer know how to be.

I then went shopping with R in preparation for her trip to Scandinavia next week. Japanese Shops that sell good quality yet cheap goods are simply awesome. We had the most decadent dinner at billy bombers - milkshake, onion rings (really, fatboys has ruined me for onion rings) and a burger. And to think i was gearing up for today to be a running day. *hangs head in shame*

Coming home to an empty house with no P in it is taking some getting used to. I'm glad for 8tracks and mint tea that are keeping me company. And the imaginary people who are now reading this blog.

Good night to some and good luck to others. Muah.


Penguin said...

What Japanese shops are these? Please to tell.

unpredictable said...