Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hola Amigas!

In honor of my wonderful Mexican friend who arrives in Singapore next week.

Andy is one of the most inspiring people I've met while working at P&G in the last 5.5 years. She's bubbly and ever enthusiastic and one of those people who no matter how tired or snappy they are, always start the conversation with "So mate, how ARE you?". And she means it every time she asks it. Working with someone like her leaves even a work cynic like me with little option but to reciprocate the enthusiasm and revel in it.

Andy arrives in Singapore this Friday night and apart from the I-need-to-be-a-good-host jitters I usually get before such arrivals, I am also feeling a wonderful surge of excitement. I want to take her to a Tamil movie, a Bollywood party and cook her many wonderfully Indian things at home.

And before any of the diminished readership asks what I've been up to, let me answer it myself with an appropriately sheepish expression. I've been doing absolutely nothing. Yes I've moved assignments, changed bosses, dealt with P moving here and being jobless for close to 6 months, travelled to China, Hong Kong and India and had the dust settle on the very happening and chaotic beginning of married life (not quite yet, actually. Cause you know, the universe wants to keep life interesting and all that) but I haven't done enough with my time outside work, and sadly so.

So we're making a resolution to fix this situation asap. My long overdue Spanish lessons should happen sometime soon. Same for swimming. And some more travel in the beginning of the new year.

Cheers to the arrival of Andy, and hopefully a breath of fresh air into my fairly stagnating life :-)


-m- said...

yabbaa. finally. welcome back.

The Silent Aella said...

so long..

Andrea said...

Mate, took you long enough! Welcome back to the literary online world, missed your posts.

Nutan said...

Blogging regularly should be on the top of your "restart to-do" things!

unpredictable said...

-m- who tis?

Silent Aella: you're telling me!

Andrea: :)

Nuts: I have. Somewhat. For now anyway :)

-m- said...

who it is a? *growl* who do you think it is, child?

unpredictable said...

m - ah yes. the growl. now i know who tis. :D