Thursday, September 30, 2010


It's funny how meeting someone who poses a stark contrast to one's own traits shakes up one's self categorization.

For example, off late I'm starting to see myself as an optimist in stark contrast to P's cynical questioning self.

And although I feel like a blathering chatterbox around his quiet self at home, I feel like one of the quieter people at work where I'm surrounded by a bunch of loquacious women (some more than others. Oh, how I wish I could write more here :-))


So many of us tie in our self worth to what we do over who we are. I am severely guilty of this as well. Growing up in a family that valued qualifications and achievements over most other things has made me grow up practically married to my work when I love it. And for most of the 5.5 years that I've worked where I do, I have loved what I do. I wonder if my lesson in self worth will mimic the other lessons I've learned - painfully taught and inflicted by life on me when I least expect it.


Its almost FRIDAY!!! :D


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