Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good things...

Post my blissful vacation from the last week, promise to the self has been to keep thanking stars and sundry others for the good things that prevail despite some utter crap that still exists.

Listing is my way of thanking. Here goes.

1. Look ma, hands but no pain!
A new prop up mechanism for the laptop and a separate keyboard that make typing/ working/ blogging wince free for the 1st time in about a year. Lovely admin assistant who sourced it for me in 24 hours of the request being issued. May she live a long happy life.

2. Snow:
Seeing actual real falling snow for the first time in my life. How very awesome to put the face to the air and and feel little light cool things land. Lou is came.

3. Clarity:
When the thought of ending something brings nothing but gladness and relief, that really says something about how much it is meant for you and vice versa.

4. Action:
When long planned things finally start to move into action phase, the thrill of anticipation even with the associated uncertainty is awesome compared to the frustration of sitting still and thinking through in circles.

5. Happy mom:
She passed her 1st semester of the correspondence MBA. And I heard laughter in her voice after a LONG time. Cherish worthy.

6. Cloudy days:
Singapore's been nice and cloudy since I got back from vacation. As if to say, OK let's keep you in hungover from holiday state for as long as possible, woman. How sweet. For this cloudy thing alone, I'd consider moving to Seattle. I'd say BYE to the sun in a jiffy if I had to. Sigh.

7. Luck by chance and slumdog M coming up:
Good movies and good music is such a treat. Also have you heard Delhi6? Verrry nice the music it is. That Mohit chauhan boy I might add to my list. You know, THE list.
{Boys who can do musical things are very IT for me. *Tingles down spine* (wait, is that my hand starting to hurt?)}

8. No travel until April
YAY! YAY! We're out of budget to travel on work. NO MORE LIVING OUT A SUITCASE FOR 3 MONTHS!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

9. Pesto sauce:
What? I just really like.

10. Folks with a sense of humor at work:
Make the place worth going to every day.

11. Work from home days:
For someone with an E profile of 2% on the MBTI scale, staying insulated from the deluge of voices at work once a week is official (hah!) bliss.

12. New Camera coming up:
In funky color too! Not your usual gray! @ amazing rate too! rocks.

13. Happening weekend coming up:
2 parties, 1 short film shoot, 1 new movie, 1 catch up with long time no see frand = Happy in my heart dil dance maare re.

More later ... my hand still feels fine, I want to dance from the happiness and liberation of it all. :)


Penguin said...

And when I called you from far off winter wonderland to tell you about snow, you laughed at me! CHEAPIE!

When I read Point 4's heading, you know what I thought? Full disappointment that turned out to be. Che!

unpredictable said...

You mistook M5 issues for M9 issues?

Anonymous said...

Cheers to the good times from Madras!!!

Fork Spoon Knife said...

err.. where was the snow n where did u vaca?

chandni said...

:) cute

I love the happy in my heart line!

unpredictable said...

Anon: Thanks. :)

FSK: I'm afraid the details are supposed to be clandestine (I LIKE that word!) but it was snowy! :)

Chandni: This Dance maare re is such a quintessential bollywood type gaana! :)

srikant said...

for the laptop stand - what about the wonderboy who suggested it in the first place?? :(

unpredictable said...

Srikant: Wonderboy was you. Thanks so much! My overall demeanor has been much nicer ever since my hand stopped hurting. More thankful than i let on :)

Anonymous said...

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