Saturday, February 07, 2009

Indian Culture

The subject has fascinated me ever since the Mangalore incident took place. And I've wanted to write my plans to adhere to Indian Culture (TM, obviously of Mr. Mangalore women beater, the Shiv sena and sundry others who plan to save us from the cultural pitfall that is Valentine's Day) in the next few years.

Work has been insane keeping me up at nights either actively doing it, or simply thinking about the fascinating things I'm learning from this new project. (Geeky I know! But I swear I stayed up tossing and turning most of last night thinking I have all this amazing information to share on Monday, and worrying about how a 1 pager will ever do justice to it!)

And today is more work + a short film shoot (finally!), so I promise I'll make the time to write down how I plan to be a GIW - Good Indian Woman (TM, of the aforementioned parties + parents of 'eligible bachelors' on Bharat Matrimony who define the GIW as an ideal blend of traditional values and modern outlook.)

After all nothing motivates one to action like public commitment. And an awesome topic like this.

More later ... till then, enjoy your weekend!

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