Friday, January 30, 2009

Vacation, sweet vacation.

All I've done in the last 4 - 6 days of being on vacation is sleep. Through most of the day AND night.

There's a little bit of spending time with friends, some cooking, a little bit of movie watching and mall hopping in the evenings, but its mostly a sleep vacation.

And it feels SO good. SO incredibly good.

I'm usually unfortunate with sleep in that even a late bedtime of 2.30 am will have me awake by 8 am the next morning. Weekends and weekdays alike. The internal alarm clock while on many days is a blessing, on most days is a curse I can't seem to throw out of my body.

So this sudden spurt of 18 hour sleep cycles within 24 hour days feels like I've gifted my body with all the sleep it was deprived of in the last few months.

As the McD's slogan goes - I'm louin it! :-)


Penguin said...

Now if only I could get a vacation like that. Even on holiday, I wake up like a lark man! Role reversal, you think?

Anonymous said...

Yaay! Am doing the same thing at God's own country (palghat) and am louing it too. Blissful it is :) - V