Saturday, October 18, 2008

Teething ...

This is to officially confirm that by Friday the 30th of October, I will have a swanky new tooth that will look just like its sisters and brothers (?!?!?!). Apparently unless I let someone really close, they can't tell the difference. As of now, that would be ALL people.

So. Hence. Therefore.


*Also this Dr. Leong's clinic has the most god awesome dentist. My root canal didn't hurt one bit. If you live in Singapore, this is THE dental clinic for you :)


San said...

i need to get my teeth cleaned .. keep putting of the visit to the dentist, especially as i had to have a painful filling in place last time :(

Fork Spoon Knife said...

congratulations!! :))

unpredictable said...

San: If ur in Singapore, ur troubles are GONE! This Leong place is awesome. :)

FSK: Thanks!!! :D