Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Project reconstruction commences....

It was the deeply insightful comment of an anonymous person on my last post that made me sit up and realize - not only was life truly turning shittier by the minute, I was being rather open about putting it all out there in a public forum.

Now I don't usually mind it, given this is MY space etc. But having come to see myself as a fairly happy person in the last 1 year and having enjoyed all of the new experiences that came my way - the travel, the cooking, the dramatics, the blogging etc, I realized that it would be a rather sad way to go if I let the crappiness of the current situation overwhelm me.

So although, I thought for about 2 days about shutting down the blog until whenever things get better, I have now decided I won't.

Instead I will keep you updated on Project Reconstruction aka taking things into my own hands and fixing every thing that has gone wrong recently. One by one. Even if it takes 3 months to accomplish.

Task 1: Move out of current residence into new one. Nicer place. Lovely room. Close to work. Has full time maid who cooks OMFG brilliantly. And a flatmate who is a good friend of the Penguin.

To be done by: 15th Nov.

Task 2: Get new tooth restored. Make the movie hall pay for expenses incurred. And come clean on the tooth story with my mother when I meet her in India next weekend.

To be done by: End Nov.

Task 3: Take care of health. Avoid cold drinks. Alcoholic or otherwise (I've spent the last 2 days nursing a brutal sinusitis attack after sleeping on 2 mojitos dunked in ice). Run 3 times a week. Get back to meditation. 2 times a week.

To be done by: End Nov. Once rhythm is established, try to incorporate into routine with minimal disruptions.

Task 4: Get proactive about fixing things unmentionable here. I know there's a way around this situation. I just need to stop sulking about the negatives and focus on the positives.

To be done by: End of year.

Task 5: Keep up anything that is good about life. Keep painting, blogging, cooking and not driving away the people who love me.

To be done: On ongoing basis.

There. Remind me of this if I whine again. I'm starting to hate what I'm turning into, so help me through this will ya?

Good week to you too.


Prasad said...

Moving out of current residence is a great idea, am wondering why you did not move earlier. If there are inexpensive studio apts around, you could consider those as well.

Try fenugreek for sinusitis (boil with water till water qty halves, then close eyes and drink).

Keep posting your cooking adventures -- it motivates, only hasn't enough to get me cooking daily. (Also send across some pasta recipes if can.)

When you complain, you're already thinking about improving something/something positive, so it's not always a bad thing. :-)

unpredictable said...

Prasad: I'm moving out only coz the rent on my place has gone up. I def cannot afford studios in this city. Def not.

Fenugreek as in the seeds? Or leaves?

:) I will. Next time I cook something nice.

Sigh. Thanks for that +ve reinforcement. Much needed.

Prasad said...

Fenugreek seeds. The seeds should swell a bit on boiling with water. Taste isn't great, but does a great job in reducing fever/sinusitis symptoms!

Fork Spoon Knife said...

Hey unpred: All the very best and big hug for your resolutions! :)

unpredictable said...

Prasad: Ok ill try that this evening then :)

FSK: Thanks so much :)

dharmabum said...

good luck, hope things go well.

Krishna said...

Being the being 'Mystic Pizza' is (from my understanding), can the project(reconstruction) not be highly successful and effortless and natural?

unpredictable said...

Dharma: thanks. I do not know you, but thanks muchly :)

Krishna: Ms. Tic is indeed a bundle of awesomite with or without the pizza. She just needs to believe it in the face of many contrary evidences.
But thanks for ur vote of confidence :)

Anonymous said...

This is Anonymous again. I am so glad I was able to help you in very small way. I don't take the credit for this as that goes to a street vendor driving past IIT Delhi in 1996. So here is the story .... and hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me at the lowest point of my life.

I graduated with an Engineering degree in 95 and started to work in a manufacturing/technical sales field. I wanted to be in civil services my whole life and I couldn't study with a full time job with all the travel and managing a pretty big geographical territory. On top of that lots of my friend were moving to US/UK or joining IIM and the whole situation was getting depressing. One day I decided to quit my job and focus on civil services and I moved to the heart of civil services applicants area (Jia Sarai - next to IIT Delhi). Needless to say financially it was difficult and whole situation was very depressing for me. One of those days when I was totally freaking down and out and coming back to my room after having my dinner at IIT Delhi. It was dark around 9PM and I was walking towards my room with full of sadness when there was this street vendor coming down the bridge singing a beautifull song. He seemed so happy just taking advantage of downward slope and sitting on his Thela. And that just HIT ME! He seemed so happy with what he had!!!! I had very good education, decent job, great parents & siblings and I was still so unhappy with what I had.

That was it for me. I have been never unhappy since that day in my life. I decided to drop civil services idea and got my job back. I took GMAT, completed my MBA in US and live happily in NYC.

For the record, I am married, not looking and have two wonderful kids but I give all the credit to that "Thela Wala" for teaching me about being happy in life.

So, Good luck to you and lets all be happy!!!!

unpredictable said...

Anon: Thanks for your comments, but I'd like to dispel any notions you might have had about me NOT knowing how to be happy with my life. I don't owe a complete stranger who won't bother to leave a name any explanations, but suffice to say that nobody's problems become any smaller or less significant simply coz other ppl have bigger problems at hand.

It's my blog. And my space. And when I feel like things are going wrong, I will write about it.

That said, your comment, which came with no background knowledge of who I am or what my outlook on life is, admittedly made me scroll down to my last 4 posts and wonder why so much seemed to be going wrong. I thank you for that. But kindly note, your comment notwithstanding, I'd have pulled up my socks and gone back to being the fighter I am anyway.

Your thelawala story is inspiring indeed, and I wish you and your family tons of happiness. Will however request that you refrain from judging someone you absolutely DO NOT know from Adam/ EVe based on a sum total of 4 posts you read on their blog.

Nutan said...

Hi Unpred. Your blog entry has inspired me... Moa has made some resolutions and has has resolved to blog more..:)

unpredictable said...

Nutan: Hehe. Saw urs :) Good good. Rbbr I'll see you this weekend at V's wedding! :D