Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is it really the X factor that makes him what he is?

It's been a while since I've had a crush on someone I saw on television. Heck, it's been a while since I've had a crush on anyone at all! I remember 2 months ago when a friend and I listed out our top 5 (people we'd ..err.. you know ...err if we had the chance to - ok my bro visits this page and this is as candid as I'll get here!) and it occurred to me exactly how long it'd been since I'd fulla jolled over someone.

And then David Cook happened.

What is with this boy exactly that makes me like him as much as I do? Yes, he has an incredible voice that can effortlessly traverse a vast range of pitches, yes he looks like this luscious dream when he strums the guitar, but obviously it's more than just that that makes my heart go out to him and want to ask him "will u marry me?". (Yes I'm just that shallow. Eh stop judging.)

Getting serious, the thing I haven't been able to articulate to all those taken aback by my fanatic rooting for David Cook is the thing that sets him apart from Archuleta - TEXTURE!

Let me illustrate by way of analogy. Imagine the difference ...
- between a pure silk sari and a silk cotton one
- between the erstwhile popular soft light polyester dupattas and the crushed cotton ones
- between a plain diary milk chocolate and a fruit and nut variant
- between between perfect seeming people and those with quirks
- between bourbon chocolate cream biscuits and my personal favorite - the hide and seek ones
- between just plain soup and soup with croƻtons
- between plain ice cream and icre cream with almond and chocolate shavings sprinkled on top (sigh)

You get what I mean? If yes, then hurrah with me! If not, then full fail. My guy won, and yours lost. Go sit in corner and feel bad for yourself. Go.


Penguin said...

I'm sorry to say that you're sounding like Paula Abdul with all your "texture" talk - That's all SHE ever says - Texture, Colour and random crap like that, which doesn't make sense even to herself sometimes.

And seriously, Hide and Seek over Bourbon? SERIOUSLY??? FAILURE!!!

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Ms. Tic,

I agree with the Pengwyn - this choice smacks of FAILURE.

Bourbon >>>>> ( Hide and Seek ) * 100


Puppy Manohar

unpredictable said...

Dear Peppy & Dearest Penguin,

So much insecurity jestu because I'm raving about David Cook?

Deal with it no instead of getting sidetracked by the biscuits you both?

Amusedly yours,
Ms. Tic, Unpredictable