Saturday, November 18, 2006

Of dogs and love ...

Leo is the coolest golden ret in the planet ... well behaved .. wonderfully possessive of his owner ... with lovely brown eyes and a perpetually wagging tail ... He belongs to .. and now is a little confused between which of her two flatmates (K and Me) and her are his real mom .. he tries to be wonderful about it by evenly distributing his love among us all ...

Leo's real special in that he understands the days that we're too busy to notice him ... understands when we don't take the time to appreciate him .. but his understanding comes with the hope that his wagging tail will let us know he's been alone all day and that we'll consider sitting with him and telling him how much we love him .. it comes with the hope that despite the affection we show strangers .. esp other dogs, he's still our number one .. and that we still love him ... and that we see his affection and his loyalty .. and reward it with simple things like a pat on the head or a tummy rub :) or a walk to the garden ... or even some gibberish doggie conversation just to humor him ... its just that simple an expectation .. and guess why?

U see .. Leo's a dog ... he knows we love him .. but needs us to show it sometimes ... im not sure we always comprehend it .. but we try hard .. coz if not .. Leo becomes like a withering flower .. u know how it dries up when u leave it out for too long .. hoping itll get its moisture from around, even if u dont water it ... flowers do wither eventually and give up on you when u dont see the signs and do something about them ... Leo hasnt given up yet ... thats coz each time he feels ignored or unappreciated he makes sure he calls it out to us .. and we make sure we do the little things that restore his faith in our love ... not as a favor to him .. but coz we really love him .. and want him to know that despite our sometimes off behavior .. he is really our number one ... it feels like a burden sometimes .. but its outweighed by the wag of his tail and the virtual dog smile on his face :)

Im sure its easy enough for us to assume he'll always stay this wonderful and patient .. but i think its easier if we show our love for him more often in more explicit ways ... makes everything so much simpler .. doesnt it?

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