Friday, November 24, 2006

Delicious is ...

The feeling of bare feet on wet grass ..
The feeling of being kissed by the first showers ..
The melody of music that heals the soul ..
The melody of a love that makes you whole ...
The sight of a sunset and its million hues
The sight of the horizon on the ocean's blue ..
The laughter of a child .. fearless and unbound ..
The thrill of old friends you lost then found
The exquisite joy of an amazing book just read ..
The exquisite joy of a life well led ...
The memories of friends, of laughter and tears
The memories of thoughtful gifts over the years ...
Chocolates and Cheese and such sins galore
All of the above in a loud Encore!

Delicious is the little things that let you enjoy the journey, lest the worry of finding the destination get in the way :)

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