Thursday, March 24, 2011

sometimes falling ill is the only way for the body to recover

After that bad ass attack yesterday, I decided to skip work and handle important stuff from home. Already I've rested well and gotten all my doc appointments sorted, called the landlord who wants us to leave in 2 months, cleaned out the fridge, done laundry and made good progress on publicity for our upcoming movie. While getting some work work done as well.
My boss was right. Sometimes putting a distance between the self and the workplace is the only way to stay sane.

Speaking of bosses, I've got to pause here and thank the universe for giving me some of the best bosses over the last 6 years. The latest is a cricket and simplicity fanatic whose best advice to me has been - never panic and if you do, never pass it on to your people. Good man, this.
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The Silent Aella said...

your comeback is much appreciated :)

Penguin said...

Huh, what's up with the landlord suddenly?

unpredictable said...

Silent aella - thanks.
Penguin - thanks for discovering there's no legal issue if I stay. Yay!