Monday, March 28, 2011

my 1st time at mango

Being the most useless shopper in the world, I usually buy things for myself only when Mogambo pays me a visit or if incredible inspiration strikes. After months of ignoring a wardrobe that has not one decent tee, I decided I couldn't wait anymore. In raffles city mall to drop off some mausams brochures, I shopped. And my 1st ever mango tee is coming home with me. That and the running shorts I've needed for a while. Yay!
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Patet. said...

Good for you! :) I don't like Mango. It's for skinny people. Definitely not for me! ;)

unpredictable said...

I honestly think mango is overrated as hell. But hey, who am I to talk fashion :-)

Penguin said...

Maanga madaya! :-P