Thursday, February 04, 2010

San Francisco!

The Penguin and i visited SFO in June 2008 and came back wowed by the place. Personally I felt so wowed, that I swore I'd go back for a visit, and try to live there (or anywhere in the Pacific NW) if ever possible.

Lately, P's been kidding around about apping to Apple and asking me what I'd do if he actually found a job there. And from the heart, I'd say yes! Screw the H1B hassles. Screw the possibility that I might be a housewife for a year or more. I'd love to live in San Fran!

The weather is fantastic throughout the year. I mean, if the end of June (peak summer, sweltering heat for most other places in the norther hemisphere) was cool and verging on cold, then can you imagine what the rest of the year is like?

The place seems so cosmopolitan with an abundance of Chinese, Desis and other cultures blending in (thanks to Silicon Valley, I suppose) beautifully.

The roads! Up and down all over the place, I'd stay fit ALL the time if I lived here :)

Natural beauty - Yosemite is a few hours drive away. Route 1, the Pacific coast road, passes through (or pretty close to) SFO and takes you further to the very scenic Carmel and Monterrey.

Even places within the city are utterly beautiful. Imagine running along the Golden Gate bridge every evening! Or biking over to Treasure Island! Or going over to Sonoma or Napa to taste wine! Even the normally bustling China Town has a respectful serenity about it. And Fisherman's Wharf + the bay cruises that take you to Sausolito / Alcatraz are all in the vicinity of the city!

The thing that seals the deal of course, is the presence of the sea and mountains nearby making the weather misty for most part of the year. I know most of you love your sunny skies, but I am a dark skies and rain baby. I'd be happy and high in SFO all year round.

Now if only moving there was a little closer to reality. Sigh. One can still dream, no?


Penguin said...

I do know that happy as Mogambo will be if this came true, Mogambo's husband will not be terribly impressed with the choice of employer :-P

unpredictable said...

Eh but they're sworn enemies with that other bay area company. Not so much Aapil.

Penguin said...

Really? But why? Aapil is the reason Jenal and all other Jenal products suck no?

Mogambo said...

Kindly excuse, I would like to join this exciting dialogue. I don't think Superman will be terribly bothered by this outcome. Justu to ask fruit company if they have a 'get one (jaab), take another one (or two jaabs) free type of policy. We shall be biggu happy family. kbai.

Asha @ FSK said...

btw is he seriously comsidering apping?

unpredictable said...

Asha: Not for now. He's made a big move, so will do all he can to make this one work.