Thursday, October 29, 2009


Really, my dreams deserve a post all of their own. It's funny how their occurence is strongly correlated to whether I am IN this country or not. The side conclusion is also that I don't have them when I'm sharing a house with P, but let me not get all sentimental now.

Before last night, there's been goons pushing me and the Penguin to escaping from bathroom windows, blindness before an exam, make up aunty at my wedding not turning up and other stressful situations

Last night saw more other stellar performances:
1) My neighborhood is plagued by a tiger which later turns out to be a man who changes into tiger ever so often, on demand. Junoon, anyone?
2) Once again make up person (this time uncle not aunty) at my wedding is late so I’m freaking out. Then I realize it’s a double wedding with a distant cousin I don’t even like. No make up suddenly seems like a vacation in comparison.

Reality by(/i)tes: My homeopath seems to think there is some correlation between how frustrated I am with my 'married' living situation (aka P and I talking 10 minutes on the phone everyday and hoping that constitutes a marriage, for the moment anyway) while I try to convince her that it's purely frustration that has to do with HOW LONG this distance has taken to resolve (we're still a month away from resolution, let's not forget). Nothing to do with being married or not. I'd have liked to share a roof with him even IF we weren't married.

Obviously my subconscious is trying to tell me something. For now I choose to read it as "the best way to drown your sorrow/ frustration is to drink lots this weekend". Anyone have a better take on it?


prasi said...

Just read this:

Does he comes in your dreams too?
(It may be a hoax.)

Mogambo said...

have a baby or two.

Penguin said...

I second Mogambo's idea.

Mogambo said...

And due to Penguin's seconding, you must now have two babies or four.

Penguin said...

Mogambo - Why do you think Unpred is not responding to our comments here?
Unpred - Refer question above.

unpredictable said...

Prasad: I will NOW. No thanks to you!

Mogambo: Coz if I have babies I won't have any sleep to have dreams during? I think the principle goes -'If you marry first, you make babies first'

Penguin: Replied. Some of us have work to do ok? :P