Friday, February 15, 2008

Orkut lameness ...and free grammar tips ..

I thought it was bad enough when on putting up a niceish pic on orkut, I start receiving random friend requests and scraps from guys wanting to "make" friendship. (More on this later)

The pits is when I get that from a WOMAN!!!

Ok so here's the later portion (ref above) and some other grammatical facts I'd like to put out there:

1. One does not "Make" friendship with another.

Wrong wrong usage ... head hurts... STOP!

You can "be" friends with someone, maybe even "become" their friend, and at most they could "make" you their friend. But you don't "make" friendship! Which reminds me of "Make love... Not friendship"

ORRR... maybe not! :D

2. The word is 'anyway' NOT 'anyways'.

As in "I'll come over anyway" or "Anyway, that's all there is to the story".

Really! That's how it started, and then someone figured they'd add the grammatically incorrect 's' at the end of the word, and suddenly it's caught on!!! So to everyone who's succumbed to this disease - I repeat - It's 'ANYWAY' - NOT 'ANYWAYS'

3. The question tag for a 1st person statement is "Aren't I".

Indeed, the tag "aren't I" exists!!! As in, "I'm totally awesome and talented, aren't I?" (Not necessarily a rhetorical question that...). No it's NOT limited to plural 1st person contexts.

"Ain't" is a more colloquial (and recently turned formally correct) option, but "aren't I" is the proper tag to be used.

Just saying.

4. It's pronounced "OppErtunity" (not spelled, just pronounced like that) NOT "appOrtunity".

And spelled "opportunity", of course. You get the drift ...

Yes, I'm a NAZI about these things. Yes, that's the end of today's grammar lesson. Oh, I'm much better health-wise and all that :-)



nutty said...

does this mean you're feeling all better now? :)

unpredictable said...

es ma'am! much better :) Thankss

Gowri Krishnamurthy said...
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Gowri Krishnamurthy said...

Random reader, no no random franship requests; Blogroll request;

I visit your blog now and then; mind if I blog-rolled yours?

unpredictable said...

Hey Gowri: Sure thing! Why would you ask! :)

Viraj Datar said...

i liked u better when u were saying "sympathies please!" hehehehe :) ..

no no ..just jokin... dont throw that chai cup at the comp.. :) u remain my louing sister...

so u actually mean to tell me that spellings like "vhej" "amlette" "coldrinks" and "dusbin" are incorrect?!!!! man-oh-man!! how is THAT possible? :)

liked ur blogs though... keep it up..

~nm said...

Haha...I can see what you must have gone through to write this post! I have also faced such errors many a times and I just roll my eyes and ignore such people.

Anonymous said...


Don't be too hard on people ya, after all an oppOrtunity to make fraandship doesn't arrive everyday ;)

srikant said...


how can i let go of this oppOrtunity to not 'reply back' to your post. im smart enough, aint i? whether you make friendship or (sisterly) love to me after this is upto you!

ktxbai!?!? like helooooo!!!!

srikant said...

oh btw.. greetings from Hanoi. More specifically, from the 14th floor river facing french window room, munching on fresh fruits with the Heater on wearing a warm sweater and reading my favourite blog :)

unpredictable said...

vraj: im not wasting my precious ginger chai on u .. go!

nm: yeah .. my friends from bbay actually call it the "Eyerolly" (Ala Airoli) phenomenon .. apparently it's a characteristic trait i possess :)

Chandni: May I just say i loved ur last post.. eh i shud comment there no?

Srikant: ROTFL!!! Sweetoo.. I'm very much most missing you .. I walk over to the LT side everyday thinking it's talktime .. and then realize ur not around... alasness most! :( this post was inspired partly by YOUU!! :D Enjaii Grey's :)

avinash said...

Nice one. "Anyways" is the one thing that always gets me. Everyone from the neighborhood schoolboy to bollywood's supposedly well spoken use it to death. Bestest luck with more fraaandship requests. Keep up the good writing. Cheers.

तुषार वर्मा said...

i too am nazi abt these things. also nazi abt use of american spellings. aren't you?