Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gimme a break ..

And I mean that in the nicest sense possible!

I've been getting mails and comments on how 'it's been so long since you posted' and 'could you please write something new' and 'we're oh so tired of refreshing and reading that post on intent' that I'm flattered to the T! Sacchi, it's such an ego boost, as I was telling a friend, to have someone push you to write, almost the same as someone saying, we love hearing you talk, get up on that podium and say something, ANYthing!! :-)

I'm just back from a lovely vacation in Malaysia (Langkawi/ Genting and KL) and Cambodia (Siem Reap and Phonm Penh) and will soon regale you with tales of my first ever casino visit, downing and suffering the much renowned 'Happy Pizza' and firing a real AK47 (yeah I know!!! :D) will also be shared and many pending tags shall be achieved!

However, the reason that'll all be later, and not right away, is cause I'm down with the worst case of cough and cold. I haven't had it this bad since I was 14 and had to be taken to a hospital all blue lipped and suffocating (there's a story of how i fought with the doc to let me go take my exams from the hospital coz I couldn't stand the thought of giving up my rank - but let's indulge in tales of my geekdom some other time) and hooked up to a saline drip with needles stuck in my arm for 7 (GASP!) days.

Every morning I think I'm better and go to work, spend the day working in aircon and talking normally (frequency AND volume), only to end up with a horrid bout of coughing in the evening that doesn't let me sleep until 3 am. COUGH! Sputter .. GAH!

Yes I've seen the doctor. Yes I have someone to care for me (Penguin cooks and cares for me at times like these - the angel!) and no, I don't think this of all things will kill me. But I'm staying in bed until I feel perfect enough to leave the house, indulge in dramatics (pun intended!) and sing aloud without sounding like a frog princess!

So any blogging will happen only post that. Please to put up with the break in writing, and HEY! send in your sympathies :-) They work faster than meds and are DEF less sleep inducing! :D

See ya all soon! Till then, we're on a break!!! :D


Prasad said...

Please to drink lots of ginger chai and watch lots of movies (n pardon ur blog for feeling depressed in the meantime).

Anonymous said...

get well soon!!!!

try a herbal powder called "seetopaladi" available at any chemist. One teaspoon mixed with honey, taken in small doses all through the day. tell me if your throat isn't as good as new in 24 hrs!

Try it!

unpredictable said...

Pr: Chai deprives me of sleep even more!!! I'm apologizing to the blog aren't I?! :)

Chandni: Eh well .. I don't think they sell that in Singapore. Lemme try this weekend though! Thanks!

srikant said...

yeah get well soon!
its ok if you dont blog. good way to give ur hand rest as well! :)

unpredictable said...

srikant: wat a sweetie! sitting in the same house as me u were and still u wrote this!!! wat a lou!! :D

Shoonyata said...

take care...get more pampered.. get well soon.

Atticus said...

Nice to know that you, of all people, you also take a break from blogging sometimes! reminds me that you are after all human too :P

get well soon!