Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Years Eve

Happy New Year!!!

2005 is finally here and the first thought early in the morning was ‘What a great day to be alive!’ Methinks there couldn’t be a better way to start of course except waking up next to someone u love. Ah well... some things must just wait until we’re either old or ready. Maybe I am not one of those two. Maybe neither! Doesn’t matter I say! Waking up in my favorite place in the whole wide world to meet some of my favorite people in the world makes this probably the best new years’ eve ever!
Thought I should start on a clean note and all that jazz so got a bath before dusk for a change. Went for a walk around campus. Delightful I must say. Still looks like 6 am with chirping birds and light breeze with no trace of the sun.
Back to room and papa’s msg says we shouldn’t be having lunch in the mess. I agree wholeheartedly. Lets wait – as papa says – for our drunken soldiers to wake up to the first ray of dawn till we decide exactly when and where.
Have flicked Dushyanth’s newspaper for today. Hope to read it sometime with all the enthusiasm expected of a prospective recruitment candidate. On second thoughts might have to hire someone in lieu of an attractive pay package to coerce me into reading the newspaper everyday. Because something in the back of my mind thinks companies would expect me to know more than the latest releases and their box office status. So there!
Haven’t thought of resolutions to this year. Maybe I’ll do that one new thing a month thing.
· Learn to ride the bicycle. Learn professional singing. Driving. Swimming maybe.
· What else? A new language? Ah maybe I’ll learn to read and write Tamil – my mother tongue – to rid myself the shame of being a fraud tam. Point is my parents are almost as fraud as me, so it might be an investment that never sees returns. As a future business person I see that as a waste of effort expended. Maybe I’ll go bungee jumping or better still parasailing. Just need the money. But I’ve promised myself some things I’m going to gift myself.
· A diamond ring set in platinum. From my first pay.
· Pay dad back cause I’ve already gotten me that much desired camera.
· Buy more time to get married. Am lucky to have gotten out of IIMB without having to make crazy career compromises. That’d make me rather unhappy. So will make the best of that. Will try and spare parents the trouble of looking for someone though.
· Will collect money to take a tour of Europe – with friends or neone at all. But I guess having close friends around makes the trip worthwhile. Will also take a trip of Singapore and Bangkok – if I don’t end up there anyway ;)
· Will shop at shopper’s stop atleast once. Buy me a skirt or something equally incredulous (from moms point of view that is).
· One self owned Nina Ricci perfume.
· One tiny strappy black dress – though I don’t plan on attending any parties still and tiny things I’m still not sure I’ll wear outside of this place. But then maybe there are some things we should buy cause we wanna buy – not necessarily wear. So Tiny Black Dress it is.
· I’ll wait to get a car. Until life and location are somewhat more stable.
· Will adopt a daughter. Will fight it out with family. Mom will freak out. But it’ll be fun watching her soften to the child. Fine – I agree this one might just not turn out the way I plan it. But will try getting the husband person to get a buy in from rest of family.
· Will sponsor a child. With CRY or someone like that.
· Will take a serious relook at that NGO career idea.
· Will work toward becoming Lakme brand manager by 2007. (HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA – thanks for the applause!!!)
· Will get back in touch with my spiritual side and friends from the past. Honestly will try. Art of Living and all that jazz.
· Will learn to dance with both feet and actually do it sometime!
· Will ask one guy out – yes I meant on a non professional date. Just want to see what it’s like – this one’s subject to quality of men in the world around me – don’t expect me to ask out the beer guzzling chimney type assholes!
· Will pray more. Honestly all of us could do with more prayers for others and from others.
· Will travel tons. On my own.
· Will learn to be alone and be happy. (Wonder what that’s like).
· Will come to peace with myself sooner in a new environment.

So there!


The Walrus said...

Now, where have i read this before???!!
Tiny black dress cancelled. Make it red. And adopt a son. Much more manageable than daughters. At least you won't have to worry about getting him married :) :)

Aditya said...

It's good that you said you will adopt a daughter and not a girl or any thing related to a gender. If you do , I think it will be a good thing. You will be making a change in somebody's life which will be more meaningfull than Lakme Brand Manager