Saturday, January 01, 2005

Christmas Eve

Am listening to Christmas carols right now. Life suddenly seems kind – even peaceful - like the proverbial calm before the storm that is placements. Well we’ll see when we come to that.

What else what else… well 6th term kinda makes u come stand at that place where u have to take ur pick from amongst the people u know and decide which ones will stay with you on the journey beyond the IIM. Interesting, cause you start to look at previous relationships like u never did before. And you start to invest more time in yourself.. Discovery.. The purpose of life … and all that jazz. Doesn’t seem like so much fluff when ur neck deep in the middle of it. time to also start thinking about career stuff like will I stay away from apping to a company coz it sells cigarettes? Or cause it sends me off abroad and I wanna be with my family? Do I wanna be with family? Or settle down in another place? Is marriage important? How much will I give up? Cause really speaking it isn’t really all that far! Pressure will start in due course of time… am sure most 23 year old women are going through their share of crap too.

Kinda makes me think those carefree days in VJTI and Ruparel were so much better. We didn’t have to worry too much about the consequences of our decisions. Cause they weren’t this irreversible. Now they are. Like i can’t walk out of a marriage cause I don’t get along with the guy all of a sudden. But I could’ve given up talking to some people in college for e.g. if I didn’t like them too much!

Its close to new years eve. And I’m suddenly thinking it’d be nice to have all the people in my life close by so I could meet them and tell them they meant a lot to me. I’ve always loved Christmas eve .. and will b singing carols this time at IIMB with some other singing enthu junta. God’s way of saying what you didn’t find at home, you’ll find in this home. Like freedom, space to grow up, hanging out with friends all night … inordinate attention to nature J and all those things dreams are made of! This place has been more than wonderful to me. Have learnt so much. About men! About friendship! About work! And about myself! And still feel like a kid who’s setting out on one more adventure in the open sky with nothing to anchor me to the ground. And far from scaring me, its exciting. I’ll shed an ocean of tears when I leave IIMB. But am looking forward to the outside world all the same!

Dunno if wat I wrote makes any sense! But I love all my friends! For all the time we spent together.. for our minor spats and the stupid jokes we laughed at. For the beautiful campus we were at for all those years … have a great new year! And the best Christmas ever! May god shower all of you with his best set of blessings and millions of smiles in the days to come!

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