Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holiday fever ...

Andy and I have been slogging for over 2 months now on this project that is finally due completion tonight and due presentation next week. At this point, having come SO close to the goalpost, our only thoughts are how we're going to be FREE next week! Yes there will be work still, but nothing of this magnitude and nothing that eats up our every waking hour!

This is so akin to when I was a kid writing final exams in school. This was usually followed by the lonnng summer holidays, so towards the last few exams, I'd be excited as hell!

My funniest, most out of character (because I cannot imagine ever doing anything to jeopardize my marks, no matter how excited I was) story of final exams and summer anticipation is that in one of my final exams, for the LAST subject paper, I was SO excited to be starting summer holidays in about 2 hours, that I forgot to flip the question paper to its back side, hence omitting about 20 marks worth of answers and sauntering out of the hall feeling supremely happy.

Supremely idiotic is what I felt when mom asked why I was home so early and I realized I'd forgotten to answer so many questions.

Ah sweet innocent childhood! :)


The Silent Aella said...

Tell me about it..

Once I was so excited with the end of exams I went out to play with my friends in a night dress that very afternoon. My parents had bought me a new pair and I was saving them until after exams. :)

Andrea said...

I am not sure we could have pulled that one off these days. :) :) But now... FREEDOM!!!!