Friday, March 12, 2010

May you be granted the wisdom..

To distinguish "you're" from "your".

And may it happen ASAP!


Doli said...

:) that's actually difficult for most people to understand the difference

Penguin said...

Hahaha. Who's doing this to you now?

unpredictable said...

Doli: You'd think it wasn't, but it SO is! :)

Pengu: Dude, somehow it's everywhere I look! On an unrelated note, FRIDAYYYYY!!!!

Ramya said...


Added your blog to my blogroll. Under the name Mystic Pizza. Hope that's okay! Also, how is married life?


Chinkurli said...

Your right, I hope you're wish comes true soon!


Came here through Chandni's.

mo-bo said...

more blog gyan pls.