Monday, December 07, 2009

Yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar...

We've finally found a house! It's breezy and pretty and centrally located.

The owner is a nice lady and she'd built in a shoe closet into the house for good measure :) Now we probably have 7 pairs of shoes between P and me, but it's always nice to have the option to own a few extra pairs no?

This is enough good news for the next 2 weeks I suppose. After which we have Christmas to look forward to :)


prasi said...


so what's this "kurukuru" parts thing that looks like a chime and moves like a chime but doesn't chime like one?

Penguin said...

You're choosing the joys of a shoe closet over the joys of chai in balcony with P, me and the rest? Tsk tsk.

Either way, congratulations!!!

unpredictable said...

Prasad: It's a chime i found on another blog. It does chime, I just couldn't get rid of the meaningless kurukuru branding!

Penguin: You're right. I care more about chai with you than the stupid shoes. This weekend we shall do grahapravesh with a cup of tea or a bottle of wine - either way in the balcony :)

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Kusum Rohra said...

:) I have a zillion pairs of shoes so a shoe closet will not be enough :) a shoe room maybe.

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