Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Is all I am capable of spouting right now since I am in the middle of a call AS i write this. Could this be the career limiting move I've always been afraid I would make? Maybe not, considering my boss just called me on the other phone saying "Kitni baat kar rahe hain, raat ko saade nau baje" (Loosely translated --> How much they talk at 9.30 in the night?)

I know that this new role is fabulous and is supposed to open up all of these very essential avenues for me personally and professionally. I know it gives me the chance to travel and meet people from all over the world AND the chance to influence a larger scope of business than I did earlier. I know I must feel indebted and grateful and bow in sheer gratidue and appreciation of what has been sent my way.

I know, OK?

But for a teeny tiny minute here, can i please pause and WHINE about how my back hurts and my body and mind are stunted from the series of pm meetings that leave me with ZERO time to myself? About how my social life has dwindled to meeting the Penguin for an hour every week and I'm so F&*^ing exhausted that the one day I missed setting the alarm, I slept off until 10.47 am in the morning and even then only woke up coz the maid knocked on the door? ME - with the silly body clock that cannot sleep beyong 8.45 am on weekends even. Also that work days are so busy that I have to think twice before I take a bloody pee break!!!

Phew. That felt good!

And they continue to talk .....

Edited to add: Ooooohh that was post no. 301!!! :D


Penguin said...

Huggggg. We'll make up for lack of social life this weekend with Cranium night and Little India activities, okayva? And perhaps visiting the "Land of the Rising Sun" for more Cranium? :-)

Penguin said...

Edited to add - Congrats on 301, baby! :-)

LUCKY said...

damn! now i feel guilty pinging thou in middle of all calls!

hmm but what the heck... u still need your entertainment! :P